We are driven by one question

How do we create the best environment for people to encounter Jesus at your church?

We know how important the role of technology is within the church, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s critical to get it right the first time because the right solution allows thousands of people to see and hear the good news of the Gospel over the next decade. The wrong solution means wasted resources, missed opportunities and years of frustration.

First, we listen. We want to learn about your church, your team, and your ministry priorities so we can build systems that maximize the experience and minimize the challenges.

Services Offered

Our team works with a wide range of churches from large to small in both contemporary and traditional styles. From our team’s collective experiences we’ll work to implement your vision, building out efficient and versatile solutions while equipping your staff and volunteers.

Audio, Video & Lighting Design

Designing appropriately scaled systems that are reliable and fit who you are


Turning plans and concepts into reality with our professional and relatable integration staff


Teaching your team from what we have learned along the way

Acoustic Analysis

Delivering clarity and power in your spoken word and music

Room Shaping

Collaborating with architects, engineers, and your team to develop purpose built spaces and avoid costly mistakes

Gear Sales

Sourcing gear and providing trusted recommendations for your everyday needs


Answering questions, after-hours support, tuning, consulting, programming, design assistance…

Simply completing your project is not the end-game.  We’re in it for the long haul…

From the very beginning House Right made it a primary goal to ensure we are 100% satisfied, working hard to assess our needs and catch our culture. At every turn, they have exceeded our expectations with a level of professionalism and excellence that is second to none.

Mike Burnette

Lead Pastor Lifepoint Church