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Your primary task is to serve The Church by supporting them with excellent support and service, in order to equip their ministry. Success in this position is achieved through developing new relationships, building trust, proactive communication, aggressively responsive, speedily creating/delivering proposals, effective management of a high-volume inbox, networking, and maintaining sales data.

The ideal team member has excellent communication skills, knows how to juggle lots of projects all at once, relational, driven, a natural networker, and has have a background in technical ministry.

For us, Churches are not just a “market” we work in. We operate out of a calling to serve the local church and to see the Gospel transform lives. You are going to fuel these efforts by initiating conversations and maturing relationships so we can do as much equipping and serving as possible.


  • Find and build relationships with new churches
  • Develop, track, mature, and move all sales conversations along while leveraging communication tools and our database
  • Recommend great products that create excellent solutions for churches
  • Rapidly deliver proposals (Speed wins)
  • Quickly respond to emails and phone calls
  • Support customers with tracking and order updates
  • Maintain a strong gear knowledge and current tech trends
  • Provide tech support for customers with issues/questions with their gear
  • Assist in forecasting equipment stocking needs
  • Occasionally join the team in travel to go meet with churches and install projects
  • We “Run to the smoke” when gaps are recognized or if a team member needs help.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to live into the HouseRight values of Flexibility, Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Care, and Humility
  • Managing other duties as assigned

Ideal candidates will possess the following skills/experiences:

  • You have to be awesome. Fun loving, driven, enjoyable, highly relational, humble…
  • 2+ years in ministry serving in Production and Worship
  • A personal passion/calling to serve The Church
  • Possess a high degree of personal integrity – You instinctively want to do and say the right thing, even if it costs us something…
  • Highly organized, relational, well-spoken, and confident
  • A competitive desire to hustle and win (for the right reasons) is a must
  • Highly effective at managing communications and naturally responsive
  • Be a strong team player, aware of process and sets others up for success even if at a personal cost
  • Strong gear knowledge
  • Great written and verbal communication skills


  • This position is a full-time salaried role with incentives and benefits
  • Generous and flexible time off is included with this role
  • This position is based out of our in Lexington Kentucky Office

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