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House Right serves churches across the country with their production technology needs. How can we help you?

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We are always looking for wide range of talent and personalities to make up the HouseRight team. From extroverted people who love meeting new church leaders to introverted engineers who love to design, to task oriented rock stars who love integrating equipment.

  • We need do-ers, we need leaders, and we need followers.
  • You know, in our history, only a couple of people have ever decided to quit at HouseRight (the majority of those were quitting to join a dynamic church staff). That’s going on eight years and three dozen people.
  • Why?
  • Well, it’s a pretty great place to work, with a unique culture and DNA. We are always looking for people who want to join our team, but rather than list the positions that are open, or the positions we are dreaming about, we’d rather just begin a conversation with you to see if you are a good fit.

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We help churches in all aspects of audio, video, lighting and acoustic (AVLA) design and installation. This might be a single piece of gear, or it might be multi-million dollars worth of gear and installation going into a new church. We love listening to churches talk about how they see God working in their church and what their ministry should be about, and how this gets reflected through their systems that they use during worship, production, or streaming online.

We actually have no idea until we sit down and go through the programming phase with you. We have to get close enough to understand what your church is about -this is why we say your vision is our mission. This is more than just a catchy slogan.

All the time! Some of us came from there and some of us still attend there too!

Absolutely! Thousands of times per year we talk about, quote, sell, & ship a piece of gear. No single piece is too small. You should talk to james@houseright.com – we think he’s so much better than those impersonal 1-800 big stores. He’s a church guy and gets church & sits in an office with several other church guys… so in the rare case he doesn’t know the answer he will find out.

Whether you work with us or not, you should have your AVLA design people at the first series of meetings. Mainly because architecture is acoustical design. The shape of your room must be informed by these things.

We get this question all the time. We’ve done these projects a lot…it usually involves freshening up a stage, and introducing a video culture to a church via simple IMAG. We have a blog post about it – it’s a great read if you are thinking about this.

It’s a complex answer, but you can definitely hire too soon (killing volunteerism) and you can hire too late (missing the curve of technology, or say a new building opening). The questions we’d be asking you are about the level of production, the expectations of the lead team, and how technical your on-stage worship leader is in handling it. Let’s talk about it.

Be careful, you don’t want to go to tech jail, but yes there’s been a lot written about this topic. We are upgrading these systems all over the country. Sometimes a church is perfectly capable of integrating their gear and it’s a box sale with James (see number 4) other times a church needs us to integrate it for them…we got you covered either way.

It’s one of our favorite topics and it starts in Vision. What does your Senior Leader(s) see when they look out in the future? We want to start there and back up to today… how do we get there from here?

We don’t. On new construction projects all of the gear is typically financed through the project and we are used to working with a number of groups in this way.

It’s the type of contract a church signs with us when they know they want the same guys who are programming/dreaming and designing with you to be on the hook to make it all work. Many of our contracts are done this way. We’d say that normally this is in the best interest of a church. But we are open to all types of arrangements which might include what is called design/build or design with an intent to build.

We get this question a lot and we’d answer it in a few ways. First, we answer the phone… even on Sunday mornings. We don’t do “service and support contracts” because we believe it shouldn’t cost you more money to call us for help! Secondly, we have worked on both coasts in big and small projects and we will get you the contacts for all of these projects.

We’ve done hundreds and hundreds of projects and it has never been a problem. If you call a local or regional integrator they’ll be there “in a day or two” and so will we.